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Is Cosmetology School Right For You?

Cosmetology school dayton ohio

Many little girls grow up dreaming of being a hairdresser or cosmetologist. However, few actually follow through with this dream. They may be pushed into other more academic fields. They may forget about their dream of being a hair dresser. They may not know the appropriate route to take to become licensed and certified in cosmetology. All of these things can be deterrents to becoming a cosmetologist. However, cosmetology is a highly demanded field of work. People will always need to have their hair cut and styled, their nails trimmed and colored and their makeup professional done. Cosmetologists can find very rewarding and successful careers in professional hairdressing.

In an unpredictable career world, professional hairdressing is actually expected to expand. The amount of jobs is expected to increase. Between 2012 and 2022, hairdresser, hair stylist and cosmetologist jobs are expected to grow at 13%. Those who are currently in cosmetology school or are considering a cosmetology program can be relieved, knowing that their chances of employment upon program completion is high.

Cosmetology programs vary all over the country. The length and the specific cost of the program are likely to depend on the areas of cosmetology that the student wants to practice in their professional career. The length of any cosmetology course depends on the areas you want to study. A full cosmetology course takes the longest, approximately 1,500 hours, which will take about two years to complete. However, this is minimal when compared to other educational programs that sometimes take much longer in years.

There are many benefits to becoming a professional cosmetologist. Cosmetologists tend to be employed in fields that they are very passionate about. Most people who enter into a cosmetology program enjoy things like hair dressing, hair styling and nail care. This means improved levels of work satisfaction. This transfers into a happier life, overall. Cosmetologists also have more flexibility when it comes to work schedules. Most hair salons are open for extended hours to better serve customers with regular work schedules. This means that a cosmetologist can likely work whatever hour schedule fits their lives better. They can also plan their work schedules around family duties and responsibilities.

A cosmetologist can also successfully work a part time job, if they wish. Some cosmetologists are even self employed. 33% of all individuals in personal appearance occupations are self employed. In comparison, only 7% of the overall U.S. workforce is self employed. Self employment tends to be one of the main reasons that cosmetologists choose to enter into a cosmetology program.

Someone who is interested in becoming a professional cosmetologist should research available beauty schools. They should also consider the specific areas of cosmetology they want to practice in their professional careers. This will affect the type of cosmetology program and the specific cosmetology classes that are taken. Someone who wishes to focus on hair will take most of their cosmetology classes in hair care and hair styling. Someone who wants to focus much of their cosmetology career on nails will take a lot of nail classes. Most esthetician programs give their students the opportunity to pick and choose the individual classes that work best for their specific interests.

Cosmetology is a growing field. People will always want their hair and makeup done. Others receive regular nail care. The field is expected to continue to grow, providing a great career outlook for those in cosmetology programs. A cosmetology program student can individualize their programs to include only classes that will benefit their career goals. Many cosmetologists enjoy the flexible work hours and the self employment possibilities. Also, a professional cosmetologist can make a great salary, doing a job that they really enjoy. Most cosmetologists are very satisfied with their careers and that can lead to an overall happier life.

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