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Five Benefits of a Quality Preschool Program

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With all the controversy surrounding working parents and stay at home parents, you can only imagine the controversy surround choosing high quality preschools for your child, or teaching them at home. Between the years of 2011 and 2013 there were almost 4.5 million children attending preschool. A review of three separate studies revealed that 80% of students enrolled in preschools outperformed children who did not attend early educational programs. Studies show that children who go to preschools do much better on tests, such as math and reading, in kindergarten when compared to peers of the same age who did not go to preschools. Read below to see other benefits of preschools for younger children.


Kindergarten curriculum has become more and more academic over the years. Choosing a high-quality preschool program will ensure that your preschooler is prepared for kindergarten while ensuring not to take time away from important playtime. Choose a high-quality preschool program that offers both in their childhood education program. Some preparatory academy preschools offer parents the option to learn all about the curriculum before placing their child in the program. Look into a private school, as some offer programs based upon their kindergarten curriculum. Check into private kindergarten schools to see if they offer a specific preschool program for younger learners.


It may not seem like it upon observation, but preschools should be structured around curriculum. A structured environment will encourage friendships and social skills amongst kids. This structure may be invisible to the young children and even some adults, which is why it is important to talk with the teacher and inquire about classroom structure and curriculum.


Many preschools involve kids in an environment that is full of language. Children are encouraged to use this language to get what they want and what they need. Children’s vocabulary grows an incredible amount between the ages of three and five. During this time they start to make more complex sentences using more and more words. Children are offered the opportunity to use these language skills while singing, during reading time and during playtime.

Motor Skills

A child’s physical coordination improves during the time they are enrolled in preschools. They not only interact with the other children, but they learn new challenges and ways to overcome those challenges. Children are in motion throughout most of the day, which offers plenty of time to grown gross motor skills, such as jumping and running. These skills are reinforced during coordinated activities such as reading and acting out stories. Fine motor skills are developed with activities such as arts and craft time. Developing children’s motor skills offers the opportunity to develop hand to eye coordination as well.

Social Development

Children learn how to interact with others in a proper manner when they attend preschool. Sometimes children get mad at each other, and teachers are available to use these moments as teachable moments for your preschooler. They help children learn how to manage anger and frustration while working with other children to learn how to set boundaries, negotiate and compromise. Teachers help children see the repercussions of their actions towards other students. These are not only early learning skills, but these skills are vital in all aspects of life.

Choosing to place your child in a private preschool program can prove beneficial later in their schooling. Private preschools prepare children to continue attending the private school through middle school and high school. No matter which early educational program you choose for your child, ensure that their values and structures match those that you are most concerned with. The benefits of early childhood education can make later years in school much easier for children.

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