Do You Need Elevator Maintenance?

At the beginning of the video, the narrator states that a report by the CDC showed that 30 deaths and 17,000 injuries happen as a result of elevator accidents, but they can be prevented with an elevator repair service. He then goes ahead to review 6 common elevator problems.

1. Power Failures
The narrator mentions that elevators use a lot of power, which often causes power failures.

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The solution is to regularly check the utility systems’ power quality to ensure the elevator receives sufficient voltage.

2. Worn-out Shears
Over time, shears are prone to wear and tear. This adds pressure to the ropes, causing them to wear out. The solution is to re-groove or replace the sheaves.

3. Contamination Problem
Elevator wear releases metal particles into the oil, contaminating it and causing interruptions throughout the elevator system. While elevator wear is unavoidable, contamination can be detected by oil analysis.

4. Bearing Malfunction
For elevator motor failure issues, bearing malfunctions are the most likely culprits. An inductive absolver will solve this problem.

5. Improper Motor Drive Alignment
Improper motor drive alignment leads to motor bearing wear, interfering with operations. The best solution would be a geared machine with a flange-mounted motor.

6. Wired Ropes
Frequent movements cause wear and tear on the ropes. Over time, they could break if not monitored. The solution is to keep a close eye on them and oil them frequently.

He concluded by saying that proper maintenance is key to avoiding elevator problems. For this, you should consider hiring an elevator repair service.

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