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Are Private School Teachers Required to be Certified?

Do you have questions about where to find the best private schools in your areas that your child can attend for the next school year? Are you trying to find more information about the best private school websites to get information from for the school year? If so, the fastest and easiest way to get answers about finding a private school is to talk to your local school board and school directors.

By going right to the source, you can learn more about the schools in your area and what options you have for private schools. You can also learn more about what accredited online learning programs your area is offering to students. There may even be options for accredited online private school programs, so checking with your local school board and directors is a great place to begin your search.

Any parent wants to find the school that is best for their child, so make sure you put in the work and effort to find the one that is right for you.

Private school isn’t regulated the same way that public schools are, and most administrators at private middle schools and high schools are allowed to determine policies regarding hiring and requirements.

So what rules and requirements do govern private school teachers?

Most states take a hands-off approach when it comes to private education, requiring something along the lines of a bachelor’s degree and a background check before approving a teaching hiring decision. Outside of that, it’s mostly up to the school to decide who to hire.

Again, different private schools have different policies, but many do like to see certification. Usually these schools will state publicly whether or not they require a teaching certification, and many schools will hire teachers on a provisional basis if they believe a certification will be obtained in a reasonable amount of time.

Essentially, administrators at private high schools and middle schools are looking to hire teachers who they believe will be able to teach. Many look at verbal communication, since research shows that the best teachers have strong verbal abilities. They also look at real-world teaching experience regardless of training and education.

Though getting a certification in today’s job market can’t hurt, there isn’t definitive proof that certifications make better teachers. As a result, private school and preparatory academy administrators tend to look more at passion for a subject and teaching potential than at certification. As such, it does help to have a degree in your subject, at least, and a Doctorate or Masters will get an applicant much further than a Bachelor’s.

Private education is always in need of specialized areas like special education, guidance counseling and vocational education, so getting certified in those areas will also help an applicant’s chances. Experience with technology is also a huge plus.

If you’re considering sending your child to a private middle or high school, you should always meet the teachers first, but don’t be turned off by a lack of certification. Most teachers are chosen for their experience and passion for education, which can be a huge benefit to your child. Good refereneces.

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