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Activities for Preschoolers With Special Needs

Summer camp for special needs children

Parents of children with learning disabilities and autism often have a difficult time finding special needs schools that are equipped to help their children succeed. While finding schools for children with special needs is not impossible, they may not always have teachers who are experienced in working with learning disabilities. Others may only have certain grade levels available. Parents who have found a school for children with learning disabilities but whose children are too young to attend may be at a loss for what to do with their preschooler. Here are some fun activities for preschoolers with learning disabilities and other special needs.

One way to get toddlers to focus and use their bodies at the same time is to teach them yoga. Teaching self-awareness and breathing techniques can help the children learn to sit calmly when they want to be active. Because many yoga poses are named after animals, parents can use picture books to help their children learn.

Many children with special needs benefit from sensory tables, especially when they are young and still developing fine motor skills. A sensory table can be made with a variety of objects. Rice, beans, cotton balls, and cups of water are all common items to place on the table. Velcro, leather, feathers, and sand are also fun textures for children to experiment with. Sensory tables can distract children who are distressed and help them calm down, as well as being a useful tool to help work on language skills for children who exhibit vocal responses to new sensations.

Music and outdoor play can help children learn language skills, especially when incorporated into organized games like Musical Chairs, Duck Duck Goose, and Simon Says. Writing with chalk, hula hooping, and playing instruments like maracas and drums can improve children’s fine and gross motor skills, as well.

Working with learning disabilities mostly requires patience and love, two things that parents have in abundance. If a special needs preschool is unavailable, parents should be confident in their ability to teach their child in an engaging and meaningful way.

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