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9 Subjects That Make Us Want to Learn


As long as you are breathing on this Earth you are still learning. It does not matter how old you are or if you’re enrolled in a school of any form or not. Human beings learn everyday. In addition to that, a lot of us like learning. We like to fill our heads with new information about different subjects and topics. This is what makes us want to keep moving. This is what makes us feel like we’re living and not just existing to fulfill our most basic of needs. Here are 9 subjects that make us want to keep learning.

  1. Languages
    As our world becomes more globalized we realize that knowing only one language is becoming obsolete. Most of us have had one language or two that we’ve dreamed of being able to speak. It doesn’t matter if it’s Spanish, German, or Japanese. We want to speak it, understand it… and show off to our friends.
  2. Music
    Music is a universal experience. As such, most of us love it in some way shape or form. In addition, some of us want to learn how to create music as well. There are many ways a student can learn that. It could be learning to master an instrument such as piano, violin, or voice. Or it could be learning how to compose music. There are many ways to learn the art of song.
  3. Business and Financing
    Also, we all want to take better care of our money. If we aren’t one of the top 5%, money will always be something we have to think about. And even they want to make more money too. Because of this, we want to learn how to budget better and how to run businesses in order to make more money. It’s a natural instinct in our world order.
  4. Dance
    This goes along with music, but is different and unique all on its own. There’s a reason the art form of dance has lasted for centuries. There are always new ways for us to express ourselves through the motion of our bodies. That is the heart of dancing. As humanity progresses, so too does our need to express ourselves, and our need to learn new dances goes with that.
  5. Math
    Math was created by the great philosophers of Africa and the Middle East. They used math as a way to learn and understand the world in which they lived. That tradition continues today as scientists and mathematicians solve world mysteries with numbers. Even the everyday citizen needs to learn the most basic equations to get by.
  6. History
    It is important to know about your past or you might risk repeating it. This is a universal truth stated by many of mankind’s greatest minds such as Winston Churchill, Edmund Burke, and George Santayana. Learning history does not only enrich us individually, but it enriches the world.
  7. Computer Skills
    And as the world becomes more technologically advanced, it’s also good to look towards the future as well. Keeping up-to-date with online advances and other computer skills keeps one from being left behind by human society.
  8. Art
    The study of any type of art is the study of human expression. That said, the specific fine arts of painting, drawing, sketching, and the like are important all on their own. We cherish artists on their skill for depicting life realistically and through their own perspectives and lenses. Studying these arts helps us to understand the beauty of our world.
  9. Cooking
    Another course that we don’t think about too often, but is essential is cooking. We die without eating, but cooking goes even further than that. We are an advanced and civilized society. We don’t want just the bare essentials. We want food that tantalizes and amazes our taste buds. We want to learn how to make food that inspires us and excites us. Learning more advanced cooking skills is a worthy endeavor.

We human beings are always moving. Our society is based on advancing and learning more every day. All nine of these subjects are ones that excite us as living things and bring us upwards as advanced beings. These 9 subjects are not only worth learning, but it is our duty to pursue that knowledge. For the betterment of ourselves and those around us.

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