X Benefits of Becoming a CPA

People often become confused about the differences between a tax preparer, bookkeeper, and certified public accountant. This video discusses some of those differences, including the fact that the tax preparer can’t represent a person in court regarding a tax matter, but a CPA can.

There are many benefits to hiring a CPA to handle your finances.

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For example, this professional can provide assurance. This is a legal statement regarding the statement of your finances. Bookkeepers and accountants can’t do that.
CPAs can provide protection for your business because they have to stay abreast of changing tax and accounting laws through continuing education courses. This is on top of their basic education and the testing requirement to become a CPA. Only 28% of people who take the CPA exam are able to pass it on the first try.

In the United States, there are just over 600,000 CPAs. These are the most highly sought-after financial professionals for small businesses. Finding a CPA to handle the financial matters of your small business can provide important protection for your company.

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