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Wonderful Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Preschool

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Many parents opt to not put their child in preschool, but there are actually a great amount of benefits to starting your child’s education early. Parents can give their child a head start on their mental development as well as help them learn great communication and social skills. Preschool can be a great form of day care for working parents. If you are a working parent who needs a quiet place to do work-from-home assignments or if you need to head into an office, you can trust that someone is watching your child and helping them get a great headstart on their educational path.

Here are some great benefits of putting your child in preschool:

1. You help them develop great social skills

While your child probably does get some kind of interaction with other children from being around friends and family members, consistent exposure to other students can help them learn great behavioral and communication skills. They can learn skills like problem solving, creative thinking, how to share and have diplomatic interactions with others, and shy away from poor behavioural skills like tantrums and crying. Preschool allows for children to learn teamwork as well and what it’s like to work in groups well.

2. They get to make choices

Aside from learning other skills, they learn how to make decisions, which an important life skill to have that can carry itself way into adulthood. Children who always get their way, especially if they are an only child, can breed selfishness and poor skills when it comes to working in teams a groups. This is a skill they will have to learn in kindergarten, but they’ll be ahead of the curve. While there is a structure to preschool, children get to make a lot of their own decisions about what subject areas they want to focus on daily. This is especially true for Montessori schools, which help nurture a love for learning and individual growth.

3. They have a chance to be curious

Preschool allows for a lot of exploration. If your child is naturally drawn to art and music, they will thrive and might spend more time partaking in these kinds of activities. Preschool also allows a child to have a lot of time to be creative and use their imagination. They might pretend to own a shop and learn about money, or they might get to paint and play instruments aside from learning other important skills like colors, letters, and numbers. As a working parent, it might be hard to find time to nurture your child’s creativity, but you can supplement the time they spend at preschool with some time to be creative at home.

4. It can boost their self esteem

A child who is enrolled in preschool can get a good amount of attention from a teacher and help them grow as an individual. They will get to feel proud of their accomplishments and creativity, as well as feel really prepared and excel once they are in kindergarten.

Have you enrolled your child in preschool? What skills have you noticed that they have developed? Let us know in the comments below!

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