Why You Should Choose Carbon Bush Bearing

Bearings and bushings are used to help minimize friction between a wheel and axle. For optimal performance, there should be no friction between these items. It can cause the malformation of the piece of metal. Keep reading to learn a bit more about why you should choose carbon bush bearing.

When you choose a bush over a bearing, your load will be lighter overall. This is because the concentration is at the center of gravity.

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These can be made of bronze and are lined with a lubricant secretion line. This gives a film of viscosity, which reduces the friction that can occur. This is will reduce the overall cost of maintenance.

Linear ball bearings are often smoother than bushings. This is because they roll rather than slide. They don’t have to worry about static friction the way that bushings do. These are so important because they protect the correct position of a rotating shaft. This is what allows machines to be used over time.

Watch this video to learn how bushings and bearings are used in barbells. You might be surprised at the many uses they have. To learn more, call a manufacturer in your area. Don’t wait, reach out today.


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