Why You Should be Using Hermetically Sealed Connectors

Hermetically sealed connectors are used whenever it is necessary to protect a connector from the environment. This method of sealing is, as seen in the video, the ultimate benchmark in environmental sealing.

What is hermetic sealing? This type of sealing is basically when airtightness is achieved, so connectors are safe no matter what kind of environment they’re used in. There are many different situations in which hermetic sealing is used, such as with hermetic coaxial connectors for flexible, protected cables.

If you have connectors that need protection from the environment, you will be wise to make use of hermetically sealed connectors.

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With this sealing method, the contacts are sealed so well that liquids and solids, and even gas, have difficulty going through the seal. Orbiting satellites that have connectors that need to be kept safe and in working condition in space benefit from hermetic sealing. Even submarines use this technology.

Hermetic sealing is also ideal for electric mechanisms, security cameras, radios, and a whole lot more. Any time you need to protect connectors against high pressures, corrosive materials, extreme depths, vibration, temperature changes, or moisture, hermetical sealing will be the best option for you.

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