Why is Fire Sprinkler Design Important?

Having a fire sprinkler system in your business is the most important step to take in keeping your employees and your data safe. Since 1874, businesses in the United States have been using automatic fire sprinklers to do this. Keep reading to learn a little more about why the design of these systems is important.

Sprinklers should be spread out along the ceilings of a facility evenly. This will ensure that every area will be covered if a fire does break out.

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If there are certain areas where work that has a risk of fire is completed (welding, metal cutting), then those areas might need to be doubly protected. Each floor of a building should have a sufficient amount of sprinklers. Your building will be inspected on a yearly basis, so make sure your fire systems are up to code. If you need more sprinkler system layout examples, watch the video linked here to see a plan be created.

Talk to your contractor or the building owner about your fire sprinkler system. Let them know how you value your company, employees, and income that will be lost in a fire. Making sure you have a well-thought-out design is imperative to your fire safety.


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