What You Didnt Know About Water Damage

Water damage is a homeowner’s nightmare. The damage can be costly to fix if neglected, and it can pose a safety hazard as it affects the property’s integrity. In this YouTube episode, Restoration Talks invites Liam from United Water Restoration Group to answer common questions about water damage restoration and mitigation.

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What Is Water Damage? Liam explains that water damage is an intrusion of water into the home that can cause secondary damage. Water damage in homes can happen due to small or large water leaks from:
Supply lines within or outside the wall
Overflowing toilets
Overflowing washing machines
Roof leaks
Frozen pipes
Natural disasters

Homeowners should look out for water damage signs such as:
Water staining
Musty odors
Warping building materials
Damaged baseboards and crown molding

Using a fan to dry water damage is a bad idea because it can spread damaged or toxic material that can affect the residents’ health. So, always seek professional help for water damage mitigation.

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