What to Know About Memory Care Assisted Living

Memory care assisted living offers unique care that you typically do not find in other settings. Most people are unaware of what is unique about memory care. This video helps to explain what memory care in an assisted living facility means.

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Memory care environments are secure environments. An assisted living facility that has a memory care wing ensures that the memory care wing is secure. Keeping the area secure is done for safety reasons. Many patients that have dementia will wander. Family members are given the code to come and visit as they wish.
This type of wing specializes in caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. These settings provide opportunities for socialization, day trips, activities, and more. Many family members do not fully understand what memory care means for their loved ones. This video will help to answer many of your questions.
The goal of memory care units is to always ensure the quality of life and safety of the residents. This video provides you with information that you need to know about if your loved one is moving into a memory care unit. Watch now to learn more.

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