What Are Biological Pesticides?

The movement against using chemical and synthetic pesticides has reached critical mass. Agriculture is now using natural methods of farming to turn the tide back to “real” food as opposed to GMO and other synthetic “food.”

Along with this movement, though, comes “real” methods of pest control. The video’s host, Biocomes, tells us what biological pesticides are and how they work.

Disadvantages of Chemical Pesticides

It wasn’t until science discovered the effects on the body of chemical pesticides that people began seeking organic foods. These effects include:

  • Harm to the endocrine system and its hormonal functions.
  • Harm to the nervous and immune systems.
  • Skin and eye irritants.
  • Carcinogen effects.

What are Biopesticides?

When naturally occurring bacteria, fungi, or viruses are used on plants, the pests that destroy the plants are themselves destroyed. Biochemical pesticides use pests’ attractions to destroy them, such as pheromones or scents that attract pests and then kill them.

Video Source

Herbicidal proteins manufactured in the soil also kill pests due to the plants incorporating such proteins into their systems.

The world is loudly demanding a return to pre-synthetic food production. Biological pesticides are part of this demand. We thought you should know that the process is underway and what it entails.


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