Understanding Brick Masonry

Bricks were introduced as an easy and efficient way to do construction. As bricks became more popular, brick masonry was an important thing that needed to be studied. We know that it is important, but what is it?

In brick masonry bricks are laid down next to each other and sealed together using mortar. In most buildings that we see today a cement mortar is what is used.

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Cement mortar is created using cement, sand, and water. When these three things come together they make a substance that is perfectly suited to keeping the bricks of a house or building together and sealing it.

When it comes time to lay the bricks there is a specific order that is followed. First, the bricks are laid next to each other and the mortar is used in between each brick. Once a row of bricks is laid mortar is then added to the top of the bricks as well, to prepare it for the next row that will be placed on top of it.

There are a couple of different types of patterns or bonds that are used in brick masonry. The bond that is used is dependent on what type of structure is being built, and what kind of support is needed.


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