The Different Types of Hose Clamps

Hose clamps are a tool used to clip and clamp down hoses over various fittings. They prevent the fluids inside the hoses from leaking out at the connection to the fitting. Due to the various types of hose, there are many different types of hose clamps.

Screw or band clamps use a screw to tighten a band around the clamp, securing the hose around the fitting with a modifiable tool. The screw can be adjusted to your liking, so it is important to make sure it is secure before releasing it, or else it will adjust itself back off the hose.

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Spring clamps look a lot like clothespins. These are also called hose clips. They are useful for smaller-scale repairs. Many people use them like a third hand to hold things in place as they work on conjoined objects, the hose clips keeping them together until they are actually sealed.

Ear clamps are used to connect hoses and pipes to fittings, just as the others are, but are less adjustable. They are pinched together by a metal band that protrudes like ears, working to hold the clamp in place.

When working with hose clamps, it is important to know the type and size that you need for your project, or your hose will leak and your project could easily be ruined.


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