The Best Refrigeration Repair Tools

Getting started as an HVAC technician means that you need to be stocked up on the tools and types of equipment needed to perform your services as explained in the HVAC School video, “Refrigeration Tools for Tight Spots w/ Eric Mele.” Some must-have pieces of equipment and tools an HVAC technician should have include cordless drills, refrigerant scales, and vacuum pumps. These are just the standard tools and equipment one should have. Professional HVAC technicians are required to have a full set of hand tools and other additional items. While it’s important to have every tool and equipment at their disposal as HVAC technicians, they are recommended to only stick to the important tools required for the job they are undertaking.

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This prevents them from lugging around heavy toolbags as they travel between destinations.

Some basic hand tools they should carry include a utility knife which is handy in cutting insulation and opening up insulation boxes of various HVAC systems. Another tool they should carry with them is a service wrench. This will help in the opening and closing of refrigeration valves on the compressors of an HVAC system.

Having these items at hand helps them to do an effective and satisfactory refrigeration repair for their clients.

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