The Best Concrete Contracting Tips

Concrete is defined as a construction material made up of different ingredients. The properties of a concrete mix are determined by the mixture of constituents. Admixtures, aggregates, water, lime, and cement are the main constituents used in concrete.

Let’s go over the dos and don’ts of concrete.


1. Hire an experienced and certified concrete contractor.
2. Ensure the general contractor hires experienced skilled labor.

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3. Ensure a skilled supervisor is always present during concreting.
4. Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment prior to casting concrete.
5. Ensure adequate manpower, equipment and tools are present before starting the placement of concrete.
6. Always factor in the particular job when choosing the cement.
7. Only pour concrete when the weather is favorable.
8. Suitable mix design must be employed for specific applications.
9. Always choose the appropriate concrete mix
10. Only add water according to the predetermined quality


1. Avoid damaged formwork.
2. Avoid unwashed aggregates.
3. Don’t begin concreting before casting a concrete cube.
4. Avoid volumetric batching.
5. Avoid high concrete slumps, excess air content, or excessive fines.
6. Don’t run the concrete mixer for more than 2 minutes.
7. Avoid adding water for ease of placement.
8. Avoid semi-dry concrete when pouring.
9. Don’t drop concrete from great heights.
10. Don’t allow heaping.

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