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The Benefits of Catholic School

Thinking of taking your child to school? Here’s why you should choose catholic education.

  • Kids will benefit from the academic excellence, spiritual enrichment, the comprehensive early childhood program, leading technology and teaching tools.
  • Kids can also benefits from the affordable tuition and the tuition tax credits
  • Significant graduation rate and continuity in their post-secondary education in the college or university
  • Shaping children to become future community leaders
  • Diocesan schools running on full-fiber optic network and offer one-to-one technology program in all of its schools
  • Kids will benefits from access to electronic library with the best books and publications
  • Opportunity to take part in various holy days like Christmas, Easter, lent and advent, allowing children to express their love for God, make connections and grow spiritually

Catholic schools help children learn Christian values and avoid the secular influences. They learn and understand how to love and love deeply, importance of sacrifice, and how to make difficult choices to do what is right.

Much of what we see in a secular world is not acceptable, and thus catholic schools teaches kids how to stand up for what they believe and what is right. Through prayers and daily devotions, these kids are able to grow deeply in faith. They pray for other and those in need of prayers. With their education and personal development grounded on sound, moral and ethical values

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