The Basics of Primary Care

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Primary care entails consistent and personal healthcare for individuals or families. This video explains what primary care means and how they impact their communities every day.

Primary care physicians form the backbone of care and can become ingrained members of the community. They are the doctors that people see most frequently, and may end up caring for multiple generations of the same family. They form trusting relationships with their communities to better serve their patients.

Part of the reason behind this trust is consistency. The primary care physician sees patients at least once every year. If something happens, like a disease or injury, they are the first ones to be called and can tell patients exactly what to do.

Primary care physicians act as the fulcrum between the patient and specialty doctors. They can make referrals for specific illnesses or diseases. They can also help monitor chronic diseases and work with the patient to figure out what treatments work and which don’t.

Primary care physicians can also manage medication and prescriptions with patients to protect against negative reactions between two separate prescriptions.

Primary care is an important part of your healthcare and community. To learn more, click on the link to the video above.

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