Studying Law the Budget-Friendly Way

Everyone knows that law school is an overwhelming and expensive endeavor, and oftentimes students pursue a degree that they never even accomplish, spending hard-earned money on half of a diploma. While the details of law courses and the hefty prices of textbooks may be unavoidable, there are some easy legal research tools that are available at the average student’s fingertips. In this video, we will look at several options for students looking to conduct legal research on a budget.

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Finding certain specific cases and forms online can be like looking for a needle in a haystack for law graduates and current students, so having a software or application that weeds through the internet for you is an incredible advantage. Websites like Fastcase, Casemaker, and Casetext are perfect for finding up to 100 years of past court cases, as well as current-running statutes and laws. Not only do these sites have incredibly specific searches enabled, they also notify you when a case you are looking at has had an influence on another case. This clear establishment of precedent and cause and effect can make writing papers on a particular law principle much more manageable.


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