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Private Schools Often Offer a Number of Advantages Over Public Schools

Even on the Netflix comedy I’m Sorry, the lead characters focus on the importance of getting their only child into the right preschool. In the last episode of the first season, in fact, the comedian who is a first time mother attempts to navigate the challenge of finding the right preschool.

Real parents, not those in a made for television series, also understand the importance of making sure that their children find the right educational opportunities. In a time when high school success is often determined by a college readiness exam like the ACT it should come as no surprise that there are many parents who start worrying about finding the right private nursery schools as soon as they bring their children home from the hospital.
Progressive private nursery schools are the first stepping stone for our children. And while there are many people who keep their children at home right up until kindergarten starts, the children of these families often find themselves at a great disadvantage. By making the effort to find the best schools, parents are able to offer their children the opportunities that they need to be successful later in life.

Are You Looking for the Right Preschool for Your First Child?

Whether you are looking at private schools in lower Manhattan or you are considering a public preschool setting in the midwest, it is important to make sure that you are considering the philosophy of the school, the education of the staff, and the curriculum offerings.

School Philosophy. Not all classrooms are equal. Some are focused on a rigorous learning environment and teaching children how to follow rules, while other schools seek to foster student independence and encourage students to work together. For instance, Montessori classrooms are multi age classrooms that offer students an opportunity to practice leading, as well as following. In addition, the the Montessori philosophy encourages students to manage their own schedule while they work on developing their own independence. Research from 2016 indicates that there were an estimated 8.76 million children enrolled in pre-primary schools in the U.S., but many of these schools offered very specific experiences and philosophies.

Staff Training. Children learn best from teachers who are well trained. As the nation as a whole has increased the requirements for people who want to teach, the goal is that all of the classrooms will be more productive. When individual schools encourage their staff members to continue finding educational opportunities that will make them even more effective, however, parents can feel more confident. As many as 5.9 million children attended private schools in the fall of 2018, and many of these families made this choice because of the qualified staff.

Curriculum Offerings. There are many parts of a curriculum that are important, so it is important to pay attention to the curriculum offerings that are offered at any school that you are considering. From private nursery schools that offer Spanish to the youngest of learners to elementary schools that offer times for children to enjoy free play outside at least once a day, it is important to understand the curriculum of any school that you are considering. Parents need to avoid the trappings of focusing on getting into nursery schools that are popular among your friends, without understanding the curriculum. Knowing how your child will spend the day is important if you want your child to get the best educational advantage.

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