Pre K School A Day in the Life

The pre-kindergarten school days are the basic building blocks of a child’s life, in terms of education and practical skill-building. Jubilee school is one of the many pre k programs for children around the Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan area.

Some of their unique facilities include:
1. Exclusive bus facilities for Pre-K students with a driver and a supervisor.

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2. Home visits are organized by assistants working with children in the classroom, with families and children at home.

The Highlights of the Pre-K Programs

Children at school are always excited and filled with anticipation to get started with their day. Parents who drop by can have a look at the picture schedule to know where their kids are at any time.

Pre-K uses plain exploration and essential learning experiences for the healthy development of the child. With a home-like feel to their pre-k classrooms, they make kids and families feel like they belong.

They have an arts & crafts area, play area, sand table, water table and music corner, and a quiet area.

The highlight is bound to be the family wall where pictures of each child and staff member’s family are put up to make children feel secure.

They have discovery time for play-based learning and are also encouraged to clean up once they’re done playing. At meeting time, the children gather as a group for some incidental teaching and lots of communication.

Children are taught to be independent, develop their social, practical life, and motor skills, and develop their self-confidence. Positive interactions and honoring each child is what Pre-K at the Northwest School Division is all about.


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