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Make A Difference By Donating To Alzheimer’s Research

Funding for dementia research

Right now in the United States someone develops Alzheimer’s disease every 67 seconds. That is nearly one person per minute. Alzheimer’s is an awful condition that changes people’s lives and is currently the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. Currently there is no cure for Alzheimers, but dozens of organizations across the country whose main goal is to raise funding for some variation of a cure Alzheimers fund. Here are a few things to know about how alzeimers is affecting Americans today:

1. The Numbers – Currently there are an estimated 5.1 million Americans that may have Alzheimer’s disease. Of the Americans that are affected by the disease, nearly two-thirds of them are women. It seems as though everyone knows someone that has been affected by Alzheimers. Unfortunately without proper funding the researchers and scientists who desperately want to find the cure cannot do all they need to do. Find Alzheimer charities in your area today if you are interested in doing more for the cause.

2. The Symptoms – In many cases, the symptoms of Alzheimers first appear after the age of 60 and the risk increases with age. Typically memory loss and confusion are the main symptoms of Alzheimers that show up more frequently than others. If you have someone in your life who you believe is showing symptoms then you may want to consult with their doctor or at the very least their family members regarding your concerns. Diagnosing Alzheimers early can aid significantly in the medication process for the doctors.

3. The Research – As you can probably imagine, doctors and scientists alike have been searching for an Alzheimers cure for decades. The good news is that they are getting closer every day and you can help. The best way to do so is to find a cure alzheimers fund and make a donation. Whether you choose to start making monthly donations or just want to make a one time gift you will be helping millions of Americans who are suffering right now.

The goal of alzheimers charities is for donations for alzheimers to reach an all time high so that the researchers can do everything they can to find the cure that families are so desperately hoping for. When you are looking to make your donation be sure to look for a credible institution where your money will directly fund research and not be funneled elsewhere. With your donation to a cure alzheimers fund you could be a part of ending this horrible disease once and for all.

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