Learn How Suboxone Treats Alcoholism

Managing alcoholism is not an easy feat. About 13.8 million Americans have a problem with drinking and 8.1 million Americans have alcoholism. That is more than 7% of the population ages 18 and older.

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The pervasive problem needs to be addressed by doctors and patients alike The video linked below provides a solution for that need.

Suboxone is a treatment primarily used for preventing withdrawal symptoms of opioid addiction. When the case becomes severe, it may be used for the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism, as well. Using suboxone treatment for alcoholism can be effective as long as the person is not drinking while taking the medication. Make sure that the patient is not using any other uncontrolled substance while taking suboxone.

Suboxone should be used carefully, as it is still a drug. Use should be monitored and limited to only necessary moments. Suboxone can be prescribed by a primary care physician. A detox doctor can help patients decide is suboxone is right for their treatment plan. After detox, rehabilitation can be inpatient or outpatient depending on the situation. Suboxone provides another way to help patients with alcoholism to live happy and healthy lives.

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