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Infant Day Care for Career-Oriented Women


There was a time, just a generation ago, when most mothers would stay at home to raise their children. Currently, however, less than one-in-three children have stay-at-home mothers or fathers. As a result, even more day care centers are needed, especially those which accept infants.

More women now expect to attend college and embark upon a fulfilling career. In many cases, these women may postpone having a family until they experience personal and financial success. Since some of these women may also be older when they realize it’s time to have a baby, the need for reliable child care is vital to their peace of mind and continued success.

Currently, approximately 23.4 of children under five are enrolled in child care centers. Many of these organized daycare programs also include infant day care and early education programs such as preschools. The children who are not enrolled in these programs may be cared for by a parent or other family member. If one of bother of their parents work, or if they are being raised by a single parents, they may have a nanny or other type of daycare arrangement.

From birth-to-three years old, children go through a period of accelerated growth. Because of this, it’s essential they are cared for in an environment that can nurture them during this vital stage of development. When a baby begins attending an infant day care program, they can receive the attention they need until it’s time to for preschool. They will be better prepared for kindergarten as a result.

One of the many important activities infants and toddlers can engage in is story time. While they may enjoy this activity for many reasons–including the pictures–it actually stimulates their brain development as well. When children are read to, they also learn language skills and are introduced to shapes and colors as well as other information about their world. Story time also teaches and encourages them how to imagine.

Studies have shown, however, that infants and toddlers aren’t being read to as often as they could be. Only 50% of children within this age bracket are read to at home by their parents.

When a baby is placed in an infant day care center, they will also have the opportunity to interact with other babies. As they grow into toddlers, this assist them with developing social skills through games and other activities provided by day care centers.

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