How To The Job of Horizontal Directional Drillers

If you are interested in learning more about what horizontal directional drillers do on a daily basis, consider the basics of what horizontal drilling is. This type of drilling is commonly referred to as HDD. It involves a surface to surface installation technique that is composed of three stages, pilot boar, reaming, and product pipe installation.

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This type of pipeline installation is meant for areas that cannot have open-cut construction including busy highways, waterways, urban environments, and more. Limited workspace exists on both sides to house the facilitating equipment of the piping with clear and level areas for safety procedures to be followed. These kinds of pipelines bring no impacts to the surrounding crossing features of the land. Silt fencing is normally placed around the site for erosion control, and if needed, sound curtains are put in for controlling noise. There is a drill rig and power unit that is placed into position on the drill alignment, and an entry pit is created at the front to collect drilling fluid returns. To find out more information, continue with watching the video.

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