How to Take Your Canada Geese Removal Measures to the Next Level

In the right situations, a goose beacon is the best measure you can take to keep geese away from your home, business, or property. Geese can be a nuisance, as we all know, and sometimes there is nothing worse than a park, trail, or playground littered with goose feces. Their honks can be annoying at times as well and in rare cases, they pose dangers to adults and children who get too close.

A goose beacon works by flashing its light every two seconds throughout the night. This mechanism disrupts the sleep of the geese and makes it unable for them to sleep in that area.

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Subsequently, they will find other areas to flock to where they can rest undisturbed and associate your area as one where sleep is not possible.

A mechanical scarecrow is another option to scare geese away. Like a sprinkler, this motion-activated device kicks into gear with a dispersion of water as soon as a goose, or any animal, gets too close. The idea with this is to keep the geese moving so they can’t grow used to hanging out in one space for too long, especially on your property.

These are the two best options available for Canada geese removal today.

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