How to Paddleboard

If you’re keen to know how to stand-up paddleboard, here’s how you can go about it:

Board Handling
Once you’ve tied the leash around your ankle, lift the board away from you off the ground, on its rail. This is to protect your back. Grab the carry handle to take the paddleboard around.

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Center your weight on the board by kneeling on it first. Stroke a few times to go further. By placing the paddle on the board, lift yourself slowly to keep your feet where your knees were. Proceed to paddle by looking forward, not down.

Paddle Handling
Holding the paddle backward will just pull water up towards your board. The right way to hold it is to keep the blade angled forward and away from you. While paddling, the blade angle lifts and takes you forward when completely immersed in water.
Paddling diagonally or too far away from the rail will just turn the board to the side. Holding the paddle straight and pulling it straight back, closer to the board will move you straight ahead. Keeping the paddle in the water will help keep your balance.


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