How to Install a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Wall-mounted garage doors arguably represent the next generation of garage door openers. These openers are mounted to the wall, as you’ve likely already surmised. This is a different setup than traditional garage door openers, which are often mounted to ceilings.

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A collar on the outside of the wall-mounted garage door opener will attach to the pipes on your garage door. Many people are taking a liking to the wall-mounted garage door opener because it fits snugly into the wall rather than hanging down in the middle of your garage (where the typical door opener is installed).

That said, installing a wall-mounted garage door can be a bit tricky. Some may find it a bit easier than installing a hanging opener. Still, if you’re not careful, you could get hurt. You might also damage your garage door opener, walls, and other property.

Your wall-mounted garage is typically installed on the wall near the garage door itself. These days, the best of these wall-mounted garage door openers come equipped with battery backup, WiFi, and other great features.

Worried that you might damage something while installing a wall-mounted garage door? If so, consider hiring a pro!.

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