How to Build Orthodontic Brand Awareness

The vast majority of patients use online research to choose the orthodontist they visit. That means a strong internet presence is key for orthodontic brand awareness. Here are a few online marketing tips that can help draw patients to your practice.

To start, try showcasing your positive office culture with some fun photos of your team. These pictures can depict a typical day at the office or a special occasion like a team gathering or birthday.

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Another great way to get patients interested is to have them participate in an online campaign. Consider hosting a giveaway challenge where participants can win a prize for good dental hygiene practices, such as flossing every day for a month.

You can also involve patients directly by asking them to share photos of their healthy smiles after receiving treatment. A “Patient of the Day” campaign highlights that you view your patients as people, not just customers.

As you build orthodontic brand awareness, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your patients are likely nervous about seeing an orthodontist. No matter what marketing strategies you use, emphasize that your office is full of people who truly care and have their best interests in mind.


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