How Is Liquid and Gas Flow Measured?

Various industries involve the measurement of liquid and gas flow in their work. Businesses in these industries need to use the right equipment to measure everything perfectly to ensure safety and productivity. They do this using a flow meter. Here’s an inside look at how a flow meter works.

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A flow meter is a device that’s used to measure the amount of liquid, gas, or vapor that flows through a pipe or conduit. These meters come in multiple types. One common type of flow meter is a paddlewheeel flow meter. When fluids flow through the pipe of this type of meter, it causes a wheel to spin. Then, magnets spin past a sensor, and the device produces electrical pulses in proportion to the rate of flow.

Another common type of flow meter is a variable area flow meter. This type of meter includes a float that changes position as the flow opens a wider area for the liquid, gas, or vapor to pass through. This provides a clear visual indicator of the rate of flow.

Paddlewheel flow meters and variable area flow meters aren’t the only types of flow meters that exist. There are also other types, such as ultrasonic doppler flow meters and positive displacement flow meters. Don’t hesitate to try using different types of flow meters to see which one you find most efficient.


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