How Does Water Softening Work?

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Water softening technology is used to make better drinking water, but how does it actually work? There are multiple components to the water softening process. One tank will hold a type of resin that will help filter out contaminants in the water. The best resin to use is one that is resistant to chlorine because it will last longer.

At the bottom of this tank there will be gravel. The gravel allows for easy filtration by water and also protects a component known as the dip tube. The dip tube, or distribution tube, helps carry the water over to the second part of the water softening mechanism.

The fill tube connects the head tank to the brine tank. It is used to draw water from the brine tank and refill it once it’s been filtered. There is a brine float assembly in the brine tank, too. At the bottom of the brine tank is a salt tray.

At the top of the head tank is an inlet, outlet, and drain for the flow of water to and from the water softening system. For more information on water softening and how it works, check out the video in the link above.

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