How Does an Automatic Door Operator Work?

A sliding or swing automatic door operator, also known as an automatic door opener, is a mechanism that operates a door for pedestrian use. It automatically opens the door, holds it open, and then closes it. Access control entails activating a code reader or a swipe reader with a fob or remote control button.

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The user is permitted to pass through and the door closes and locks after a predetermined time.

Automatic garage doors are becoming a popular addition to newly-built homes. Gone are the days of getting out of your car in order to lift your garage door. Most people today have either an app or a key fob stored in their car to let the garage door know it’s time to lift up. If you are renovating your home, this upgrade can have a great return on investment.

Automatic doors are common in buildings, schools, universities, pharmacies, and a multitude of other locations. In contrast, Bi-Folding Revolving Doors are often found in banks and hotels. Sliding doors are popular on the exterior doors of large retail establishments. Smaller retail businesses use sliding doors, but most prefer swing doors.

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