How Are Porta Potty Rentals Cleaned?

When it comes to cleaning a porta potty or luxury restroom, there are two types of services. Those are full service and partial service.

For a full service, there are many steps involved:

Disinfect: Spray disinfectant on key points of contact, such as the outside and inside door handles, panels, walls, toilet paper holders, and supply dispensers.

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Pre-wash: Spray the urinal with urinal cleaner and any graffiti with graffiti blaster solution.

Pump: Use a PTO-powered suction hose to remove all debris from the waste tank, including rocks, bottles, cans, clothing, and other garbage.

Prime: Fill a five-gallon bucket with water using the bucket fill valve on the side of the truck. Add soap and use this solution to scrub the inside of the unit, including the walls, shelves, floors, and urinals. Add liquid blue to the waste tank and scrub the tank as well. Pour the remaining water from the bucket into the waste tank.

Dry: Towel dry the top of the waste tank, toilet paper dispenser, and toilet seat.

Restock: Replace toilet paper as needed, adding a minimum of 1.5 rolls for a simple toilet paper dispenser or 2.5 full rolls for a three-roll dispenser. Soap and paper towels should also be supplied for deluxe or standard units. Fill the hand sanitizer dispenser if specified.

If a full service cannot be performed due to a blocked, locked, or hard-to-reach unit, then a partial service is required. The same procedures as a full service are followed except for pumping. A contact dispatch should be notified to obtain assistance in such cases.

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