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Five Advantages of US Boarding Schools for International Students

Boarding schools

Boarding school is a great opportunity for international students to become exposed to the United States. The U.S. has many exciting career opportunities and possibilities. However, it can be helpful to first, become emerged into the culture and society. This will help you achieve your career and life goals in the country. US boarding schools for international students can provide the following advantages.

Assistance transitioning into a new culture and world

Leaving behind your home country and moving to any country can leave you with culture shock. You are learning a new language, trying to navigate around a confusing new city, and attempting to learn how this new place does pretty much everything. US boarding schools for international students serve as a type of transition. International students are surrounded by other new residents to the country. They can learn about the culture together and practice the new language as a group.

The financial struggles of international travel and education

Traveling internationally can also be very expensive. This is especially true if you intend to live, even for a short period, in a new country. A student is not able to seek full time employment, putting even more strain on their financial situation. Today, approximately one third of all boarding school students receive financial aid. This financial aid allows them to pay for their boarding school tuition, pay for room and board, and to purchase food throughout the day. The US boarding schools for international students is the perfect opportunity for affording international education.

An academic program catered to the international student

Language barriers can present problems in traditional academic programs. It can be difficult for the international student to pick up required information and to take standardized tests when they are in a language that is not their native one. Boarding schools in the USA for international students, however, takes this challenge into account. International students are encouraged to work not only on their academics but also on their language skills. They have many opportunities to practice the language skills, allowing them to advance their language proficiency.

Greater preparation for advanced academics

US boarding schools for international students are usually at the high school level. These advanced programs, however, provide international students with greater preparation for advanced academic programs. According to the Association of Boarding Schools, about half of all boarding school students go on to earn advanced degrees, compared to only about 21% of public school students. Not only are international students more prepared for higher academics, but they are also more comfortable merging them into the United States culture fully.

A greater introduction to US culture

High schools today do not often include curriculums full of culture. With decreasing school budgets, schools are forced to cut art, music, and other extracurricular activities. Boarding schools United States and the best private schools, however, often have higher budgets. This gives international students a greater introduction to the U.S. culture as a whole. In a recent survey by the Association of Boarding Schools, approximately 95% of boarding school students said their academic experience is satisfying, compared to only 86% of public school students. Much of this difference is due to the decreasing programs that are offered at the public school level.

Boarding schools are the perfect academic opportunity for international students. Students that might not otherwise be able to afford or acclimate to the U.S. culture will find many advantages with US boarding schools for international students. These programs offer room and board, language assistance, and give international students the transition they need into the United States.

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