Exploring the Differences Between Public and Private Schooling

The value of public school education is rapidly debated every day. Many parents prefer to enroll their children in private schools to help prepare them for the future. Other analysts point out that receiving an education doesn’t matter as much due to the success of several entrepreneurs. Here’s a closer look.

Private School vs Public School

Public schools are primarily operated by the government. Private schools require payment in order to attend.

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Studies show that over 5 million children are enrolled in private schools. Many private schools also have some type of religious affiliation.

Private schools generally have smaller class sizes. Another important stat regarding public school education is diversity. Public schools are often made up of children with different ethnicities and income levels, whereas private schools primarily consist of white children.

The government provides financial support to public schools. Private schools operate through tuition fees. Private school costs vary across the country. The government helps dictate some of the topics involved in getting a public school education, while private schools are a little more flexible regarding the subjects students learn about.

While most private school students attend college, public schools are starting to catch up. The college acceptance rate for public school students continues to rise.

Ultimately, the deciding factor for choosing a public or private school education is based on commitment and determination.


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