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Do You Have Summer Plans? Why Interning on Campus Might Be Great For Your Resume

Student housing

As enrollment in both four-year and two-year college programs continues to climb, experts predict a commensurate increase in demand for off-campus housing, especially during summer months. The rate of international students pursuing advanced degrees at American universities continues to climb; recent statistical analyses indicate that fully half of all engineering and computer science degrees in America are awarded to international students every year.

Landlords who rent to college students may find that they have more robust summer occupancy rates as more students choose to pursue local internships between semesters. In a competitive graduate and law school admissions environment, students who network and intern during the summer months may find their job prospects multiplied. Some colleges are mandating internships and work-study for undergrads, and top admissions experts report that over 85% of undergraduate students volunteer for work experience in their chosen fields.

In the process of finding off-campus housing
, college students report that they are searching for the opportunity to live with friends at competitive local prices. Recent studies show that students also report a preference for apartments with onsite security cameras and kitchens that have ample storage space.

Students looking for housing can apply to a landlord as a group, which may lower monthly rates. Often, student housing departments at universities can offer students a list of certified and vetted properties run by landlords with good reputations. Off campus student apartments can vary in price by location, and may fill up quickly. Students arriving from out of town may need to schedule tours and fill out applications well in advance of their arrival on campus.

Online apartment searches
can be an effective way to find landlords who specialize in renting to college students, and students looking for housing may do well to ask upperclassmen about their experiences with various local management teams. While some students prefer a quiet apartment where they can study in silence, other students thrive on bustling, social living opportunities. Finding roommates with similar interests can be vital for college students, and with nearly 15 million students matriculating into degree-granting programs each year, the odds are in their favor.

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