A Study Into Modern Construction

modern house wall construction

Everyone desires to live in a tastefully done house that is aesthetically pleasing while still remaining cost-effective. Modern-day construction has taken significant strides in evolution. Putting together a functional construction project requires sourcing for the right workmanship, materials and skills. There are more advantages of going for a modern construction and here are some of them;

1. Sustainable

The design process involved in a modern house wall construction undergoes a rigorous process of quality standards, better efficiency, and reduced wastage. It is what makes the construction project more appealing compared to other methods which are more expensive and could be a threat to the environment.

2. Safe

The entire process has been simplified to introduce more mechanical assistance. The risks involved such as high falls are eliminated as high-quality equipment has been adopted to perform recurring tasks.

3. Speed

It is no secret that a mechanized project is going to take a short time to be completed. This comes as a great relief especially for projects that have a short turn-around time. A modern house wall construction is a great recommendation for large organizations that are time-constrained to save on revenue.

4. Quality

The end product of a modern house wall construction is guaranteed to be of great quality. The processes involved to arrive at the end product have been carefully designed. It is also easy to monitor and capture any defects at their initial stages to ensure a superior finish.

Construction Specialists

Before embarking on the construction, there are key specialists required to oversee the success of the project to its completion.

  • Architect – An architect plays the role of creating designs and incorporates any new alterations as may be required. A contractor cannot proceed before the design has been approved.
  • Industrial Contractors – They are responsible for overseeing the overall construction project. Whether it is a restoration or renovation, these key specialists play an important role in obtaining the required licenses to start the project, budgeting, and managing the sub-contractors. There are a lot of companies where you can source for credible, reputable contractors to ensure your project adheres to all the construction standards.

Construction Techniques

Construction techniques continue to undergo notable facelifts with each passing year. With the integration of each technique, the construction process is expected to increase its efficiency, save time and costs. Some of the cutting-edge techniques that have been adopted today include;

1. Artificial Intelligence

Manpower skills are slowly being phased out with the adoption of artificial intelligence in buildings. Activities such as bricklaying are repetitive and consume a lot of time using human interaction. With artificial intelligence using robots, the tasks are performed at a faster rate, neater and uniform work is produced. The process also minimizes risks such as injuries at the job site.

2. Virtual Reality

This is perhaps one of the most realistic and efficient modern construction technology introduced. It is especially impactful in risk management as it gives the construction team a front-row seat on what the finished project will look like before it even starts. Any changes can be made at this stage to avoid wastage of resources. In addition, bringing the project to life provides the necessary instructions to complete the project and eliminate any unrealistic tasks that may be involved.

3. Drones

Drones are quite instrumental in reaching highly inaccessible areas such as bridges. The high-resolution cameras are a significant addition to site surveying and capturing accurate data. Drones are also cheaper and more convenient compared to dispatching an entire team that will most likely be met with extreme site or weather conditions.

There are a lot of sections that go into consideration when embarking on a modern house wall construction. The materials used are great alternatives to conventional construction materials. Some of the sections you need to pay particular attention to include;

1. Floor Slab

This is an important section of the house as it forms the structure. It is supposed to support the majority of all other elements and a lot of thought should be put into this section. In today’s sophisticated and modern day building techniques, floor trusses have gained a lot of popularity among construction enthusiasts. Their long life span and speed in installation are already a winning ticket for anyone who desires to start the journey of a modern house wall construction.

2. Framing

This is probably the most exciting stage in any construction phase. It is during this stage that all that the team members envisioned begin to take shape. The exterior of the house begins to fall into place. For modern day construction, aesthetics play a big role in the end product. For this reason, research of top framing companies will be a step in the right direction. A skilled contractor is required for this position as failure to select a qualified company could result in the failure of the entire project. Framing is a crucial step in the building process as it sets the pace and ensures the rest of the design plans have a support area.

3. Roof structure

Modern day construction has opened up versatility in terms of roof choices. Roof installation is a critical process as this can make or break the entire construction project. Failure to choose quality materials and a qualified technician could cost you your entire investment. Some of the key factors to consider in selecting a roof structure for your house should include;

  • Climatic conditions – keep in mind your surroundings to ensure that your choice of roof can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Maintenance – assess whether your roof will require regular maintenance and whether you will be able to afford the upkeep costs.
  • Longevity – consider the lifespan of your roof. Everyone wants a roof that will serve them for years to come. Ensure you invest in one that meets your needs.
  • Energy efficiency – you should also endeavor to save costs when selecting your roof. A roof that will be able to accommodate solar panels, collect rainwater and absorb heat would be the best recommendation to get the best out of your roof.

4. Electricity and Plumbing


Electricity and plumbing are integral parts of a modern house wall construction. It is imperative that the different contractors coordinate to ensure that the necessary pipes, wires, and cables are installed correctly. The coordination is crucial to ensure there are no live wires protruding or pipes without an outlet. There are advantages of enlisting the services of an electrical company for your construction project;

  • Adheres to the state standards – each state has defined measures and codes pertaining to the installation of electrical wires and corresponding elements. The permits required and inspection guides are well-known to the company. This saves you the trouble of running up and down from office to office to secure the various documents needed.
  • Quality work – with the hired company, you are assured of a job well done as they are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience required for the task. The contractors are also licensed and certified to carry out their duties hence you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals.
  • Safety – going for a cheap electrician job could be a safety hazard as you could be compromising the safety of your loved ones. Enlisting the services of qualified electricians will save you the trouble of redoing the job again and incurring more costs. In addition, most of these companies offer a warranty for their services.
  • Reliability – A faulty electric line doesn’t sound like the perfect modern home experience. No one wants to have the electrician on speed dial because of regular electric damages. To save yourself from such a reality, ensure your installed electric systems are durable and function effectively for a long time. This is only possible by hiring professional electricians.
  • A plumbing engineer is an excellent addition to a modern house wall construction project. To meticulously include the characteristics of plumbing elements and integrate with the modern structure requires a certain level of engineering. Plumbing engineers contribute greatly to projects in critical areas such as;
  • Sewer system – a sewer system is a must-have in any construction project as all the waste is designed to be transported to a central place. The central place should also adhere to safe sanitary standards before connecting to the municipal sewer system. A plumbing engineer has all the knowledge on how to properly connect, control, and treat the wastewater in a way that does not affect the inhabitants.
  • Potable water – in any given context, safe water is a necessary requirement in any construction project. In this regard, the engineer must design a safe water supply system that has been connected to a cleaning system.
  • Hot water – building occupants continue to raise their standards, especially in these modern times. Hot water is no longer a preserve for hot showers alone. Hot water systems are required to be integrated into more settings and the plumbing engineer must ensure the needs of the occupants are met. Hot water must be generated and distributed following the safety standards implemented.
  • Drainage and conservation – a plumbing engineer is expected to design systems that will conserve rainwater if required and install proper drainage systems to prevent the occurrence of floods. As part of the property maintenance, and installation of a seawall erosion control is one of the modern day techniques of protection against huge storm surges.

5. Builders

Although a modern house wall construction makes use of a lot of mechanical support, man-made intervention is also an essential part of the process. Builders are integral as they oversee the entire project and ensure the deliverables are achieved. They specialize in various areas and contribute to the overall success of the construction project.

6. Interior Design

The beautification stage is the final but equally important phase as it complements the design of the building. Execution of the design will require a skilled specialist to bring out the kind of aesthetics desired. Elements of interior design such as light fixtures, wall colors, and texture need to be incorporated in the initial design when figuring out the framing and windows of the house. Apart from meeting the aesthetic needs, the plan has to be functional and safe for the occupants.

Although not part of the interior design, a custom metal building installation is an integral addition to the exterior of your modern construction. It can serve as an additional storage space or protect your valuables such as vehicles.

Restoration of construction projects

Further from the general process of a modern house wall construction, there are special circumstances whereby an existing building project may require a facelift. In such a situation, a building restoration or renovation may be required. Salvaging a decaying building is no small feat but there are a few tips and tricks you can borrow to help you undertake the project.

Integration Between Old And New

During a restoration project, it might be tempting to revamp to new and modern finishes. It is however important to study the structure and ensure the changes don’t interfere with the building’s integrity. Modern house wall construction projects have integrated a lot of technological techniques that may be absent in old projects. It is important to go for more practical ideas than to satisfy aesthetically pleasing wants.

Restoration also happens when unfortunate accidents such as fires or damage from heavy rain take place. In the event that the calculated risk occurs and your house is exposed to a fire, you can save yourself from total destruction. A fire restoration company will come to your rescue and prevent further damage. The exercise will be a comprehensive inspection that ensures the roof, floors, and walls are secure. Although the process is quite rigorous, it has come a long way from the traditional method with numerous advancements.

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