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4 Reasons why Education Staffing Agencies can Benefit your School

With summer coming to an end and schools getting ready to begin the new school year, there are a lot of things on school administrator minds. New staff and substitute staff can be a daunting task that most administrators don’t look forward to. Half of all workers in the school are teachers while the other half is made up of therapists, counselors, nurses and office staff. Quality teachers are the heart of schools, but finding them can a dreaded task. This is where education staffing agencies can help. Read below to see the benefits of leaving the hiring process to a recruiting agency.


Finding quality substitute positions can be a challenge for any school. Temporary substitute positions that are needed on occasional days or long term substitute positions to fill in for teachers on maternity leave or other long term leave can leave a school scrambling to find quality replacements. Using education staffing agencies can help school find quality reliable substitutes no matter how long they are needed. This helps ensure that daily classroom activities can continue even when the educator can’t be in the classroom.

Temporary and Permanent Positions

One of the hardest things for schools to do is to find quality candidates to fill permanent positions within the school. Sometimes the educator doesn’t work out because they weren’t fully prepared for what they were dealing with. Sometimes the educator feels like they weren’t informed of the duties of the position. Any number of factors can play into why a permanent position doesn’t work out, but education staffing agencies can help remedy this problem. Using school staffing agencies for substitute positions allows the school access to qualified candidates when it comes time to fill a permanent position. These individuals typically have already worked with the students, have a broad understanding of student needs and are student focused with some sort of bond already formed between this individual and the students.

No Interview

Schools have enough to worry about, without adding more to their plate. Interviewing individuals for substitute positions can be time consuming. Recruiting individuals for those positions can be equally time consuming. Using an education staffing agency frees up time that would be spent on recruiting and interviewing. Schools can focus on training teachers and let the qualified substitutes come to them instead of searching them out. Using these agencies allows schools to focus on students and current staff.


Schools can spend a great deal of time making sure that all compliance issues are met, all background data is collected and that everything is ready for a new or substitute teacher to begin. Using education staffing agencies relieves the school of this duty. The agency ensures that all compliance information is correct that the individual has all necessary education and requirements to teach or substitute. This saves the school tons of time in administrative duties.

Finding quality candidates can be stressful and time consuming, and not just for teaching positions. Counselor and principle positions can also cause schools stress trying to fill them. It is recommended that one counselor be available for every 250 students, meaning some schools need more than one counselor. Starting the search for a new counselor before school starts can be eliminated with the use of a staffing agency. Quality candidates are at your fingertips, and most of the administrative work has already been done. Whether you are looking to fill a temporary position or a permanent position, utilize education staffing agencies for your school’s staff needs.

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